May 2023
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May 2023

May is the month for planting on the farm. The best time for soybeans is probably the middle to latter part of May. Most farmers are getting their equipment ready now; so when the time comes, they are ready to go to the field. 

Sometimes the weather can create problems. It can be too wet to plant. If the ground is wet and sticks to the planter, then the planter does not do a very good job. With modern no-till planters, this is especially important. They make a groove and drop the seed in the groove. Then there are heavy steel wheels, called press wheels that are used to press the ground shut. If the ground is wet, they don’t shut the groove like they are supposed to do. 

If the weather is too dry, that can also be a problem. The ground can become dry and hard again creating problems for the planter. Also, many of the sprays farmers use for weeds are water activated. If it remains dry for very long, they simply don’t work nearly as well to kill the weeds. 

Yet, every Spring, farmers look forward to May and again planting their fields. They realize no two years are alike, and each new year holds a new challenge. But they eagerly plant and hope for a good Summer. 

We have taken in five new members in the month of March and are hoping for more growth. Evangelism really begins with planting seeds. We know some seeds will not take root. We also know some seeds will take root, but wither when the choice between Christ and the things of the world has to be made. We also know that evil things will choke out some seeds. But some seeds will fall on fertile ground and bear a good crop. (My paraphrase of Matthew 13:3-9.) 

We must be like the farmer. We must plant or there is no hope for a crop. We must be persistent. We must look forward with hope just as the farmer does. We must be ready to meet the challenges along the way. 

Prayer is our planter. We begin by praying for God to use us in some small way. We prepare ourselves for the proper time when the weather clears and the soil is just right. If we are not prepared, our timing will be off. We need to also study the owner’s manual (The Bible) so that when opportunity comes, we know how to take advantage of the situation. 

Remember Jesus says, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) He wants us to tell others about the good news of the Gospel. He wants us to plant seeds. With prayer and love sprinkled in, only God knows how bountiful the crop might be. Look forward with hope and anticipation just like the farmer does when he plants! 

In the Service of Christ, 

Pastor Wayne Hall 

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