June 2023
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June 2023

Do you have questions about the Bible? Have you ever wondered whether the Bible agrees with other historical documents? Do you believe the Bible is God’s divine word spoken through people He chose to write it? Let’s test your knowledge of the Bible for just a minute.

1. Do you know the two major parts of the Bible?
2. Do you know what four books of the Bible are called the Gospels?
3. Do you know what an epistle is?
4. Do you know any of the books of the prophets?
5. Do you know which five books are called the Torah?
6. Do you know which books are considered historical accounts?
7. Which books are considered poetry?

If you could answer all the above questions, you are on your way to being a Bible scholar. Here are a few more questions for you to consider:

8. Who wrote the Bible?
9. What is the Bible about?
10. How do the accounts of the Bible agree with the secular accounts of history?

I hope I have sparked your interest in knowing more about the Bible. You are holding a very special book in your hands when you hold your Bible for it has messages for the heart as well as the mind. And whether you are a first-time reader of God’s Word (I just gave you one answer) or a life-long student, you should gain insights into the Bible for the very best perspective as to how to live your life.

Learn all you can about the Bible’s background and history, its themes and lessons, its people, places, and events. There is something even more remarkable about studying the Bible. Through studying God’s Word, you will discover that God’s interaction with people in the Bible relates to you—to your past, your
present, and your future.

Ask, search, and find for the Bible is “the treasure map that leads us to God’s highest treasure.” (Max Lucado) The purpose of your study is to shine a light on the map so that you can follow it clearly, and be the best person you can be. The plus: You will be HEAVEN BOUND!

1. Something Old, Something New
2. M, M, L, J
3. You get them in your mailbox
4. Isaiah—Malachi
5. G D
6. J E
7. J S of S
8. 11 Timothy 3:16
9. God and His Son, J
10. Check out the writings of Josephus, a secular writer in Jesus’ time.

In the Love of Christ,
Pastor Wayne Hall

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