Guatemala Mission Team


Guatemala Mission Team

The Trip

In 2011 Larry Weaver had taken 3 individuals along with a group from another church to Guatemala through Orphan Resources International.  Larry had found a passion to serve orphans in his home country after being adopted at a young age by a family in the United States.  Since then, our church has formed a Guatemala mission team.  The teams have been working through ORI and have had 3 very successful trips.  Our plans have been put on hold since due to COVID restrictions.  We are planning another trip in the beginning of 2023.

While on these mission trips we build, paint, clean, deliver food (to many different private orphanages) or do whatever is needed to help these orphanages be able to provide a safe healthy atmosphere for these children.  While on the trip a small group delivers food each day while the other group goes to the worksite which is lead by an ORI leader.  You also get to experience a day with the children in which you play games and serve them lunch.   Along with that there is a day to go shopping in the previous capital of Antigua or go and visit with Larry’s family in Oratorio.  You also get to experience a day of worship service while attending church there.

Our team holds fundraisers throughout the year to raise money so that the members are able to help with the expense of the trip.  These funds cover cost of travel, food while there and materials you are using at job site. These fundraisers not only provide the money to be able to go but provide fellowship and team building before you go.  This trip can be life changing and has a powerful impact on the lives of many!  Not only are you serving the Lord you are providing much needed care for the children in Guatemala.

Please reach out if you are interested in joining our 2023 team or would like more information on the program itself.  Visit the ORI website at or Contact Larry Weaver at  Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


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